About us

atlebs is an experienced and professional distributor of high quality and reliable medical products. Our store is a fully online supplier of medical equipment and perishable supplies to hospitals and clinics. We have capability and ability to source all hospital and clinical needs as per customer requirements. We are an international company and ship all our products globally. Our sales team liaises with clients once products are sourced for technical training, parts and maintenance in an ongoing relationship. We always place the client needs first. All our products are ISO and CE certified.

Our products range from operation tables, hospital beds, ICU and theater equipment to wheel chairs and everything in between. All our clients are updated on new products which may be of benefit from the utmost performance of their clinicians and patient benefits.

Our online catalog is extensive however, some of our range may not be listed so please contact our sales@atlebs.com team for any specific orders. We do offer special discounts for large commercial orders and group healthcare providers for significant savings.